23 Jan 2017


I woke early this morning. It was still dark outside and there was the sound of rain on the roof. I checked the time. Three thirty two. Too early to start the day but I knew that sleep for the night was over. My mind was in overdrive. I closed my eyes and took a walk down memory lane.

School is back today, and although I've had many years practice with first days back, today is different. I am totally blindsided that this particular school year has arrived. I've known it was coming of course, but over the summer break I pushed it to the back of my mind. I've been in complete denial and today I finally have to face facts.

My youngest son is beginning his final year of school.
This is my final year of being a school mum.
We are tackling grade 12 for the fourth and final time.

Instagram and Facebook have had me all emotional this past week. Seeing little kids trying on their prep uniforms for the first time, shopping for school shoes and books, smiling  into the camera so proud to finally be "ready" for school. Mums posting how they are going to miss their babes as they start this big new adventure. So many new feelings so many years ahead.
I want to be back there. Feeling as though I have years left ahead of me to nurture my boys and enjoy their younger years all over. This finishing school business and being all grown up is hard to bare. It has crept up on me all too fast.

Nothing ever fully prepares you for when you become a mum for the first time, and nothing fully prepares you for the day that your babes become grown ups. I am still coming to grips with the changes.

How did we get from here....

To here....

This maybe our very last photo of the first day of a new school year, but I am sure that it wont be the last of the firsts that we will share. I just need to remember that when one door closes another opens up with new things to learn, new things to experience and through it all I will still be your mum and you will still be my boy.
Good luck with your final year of school my boy, may it be all that you expect and all that you dreamed.

beck xx

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