3 Jul 2013

Yarn Love !

It's been getting rather chilly around these parts lately, and as I am a sucker for keeping warm and trying to look as fashionable as I can whenever I leave the house, I am rather partial to wearing pretty scarfs to brighten up these dreary Winter days.

I have quite a collection of soft, warm, floaty scarves to choose from, but each year when Winter rolls around, it seems that there are always new exciting colours and patterns that I just can't resist, I am quite sure that they are calling my name as I stroll past the displays.


So this year, as I waded through my wardrobe to see what Winter woollies would need updating in my small collection (here in QLD our Winters do not last long so spending a lot of $$ on Winter warmers is not needed) I decided that there would be NO need to add to my scarf collection. Enough is enough, right ?

Whoops, I failed.......

I didn't exactly go out and buy any new scarves, I promise ! but on a recent trip to my favorite "women's hardware store" Lincraft :) I came across the most gorgeous yarn that was perfect for making pretty scarves.

I couldn't resist
I purchased said yarn
And I have been whipping up some beautiful scarves ever since.

The colours are amazing, and though it is a little difficult to use at the beginning (I recommend watching the short movie clip in store) once you get the hang of it, the scarves grow alarmingly fast. So far I have made one in the purple and one in pink and I am heading out this afternoon to purchase a few more balls of this magical yarn :)

Shhhhhhh that part is a secret !!!!

The finished project

This is not a sponsored post !!


  1. I also love scarves - they are a great way to add colour to my wardrobe and so easy to take off when I am in the sauna called work !!!!
    Enjoy your knitting - I must get cracking on some more blankets - I've been a big slack and been on the computer in the evenings instead of crocheting for the poor little buggers !!!!
    Have the best day and ENJOY !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. Ha! I loved the "women's hardware store" reference!



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