9 Jul 2013

Lemon Tart

I cant go and claim this delicious recipe as my own. I have to confess that I discovered it on the ever addictive Pinterest......

Yes I admit it - My name is Beck and I am addicted to Pinterest 

If my family cant find me in any of the usual spots that I lerk in, I am usually hidden away with my Ipad pinning frantically, oohing and ahhing with the best of them :) 
I admit that I don't just pin and forget, I cant see the point in that, when each pin gets me more excited with the possibilities, I have made a generous amount of the things that I have pinned so far. But so far out of all the recipes that I have pinned, this lemon tart was beyond delicious and left the whole family looking for more ! 


250 grams plain flour
125 grams cold unsalted butter
75 grams icing sugar
3 egg yolks
3 tbls water

Process flour, butter and icing sugar in food processor until mix resembles course breadcrumbs. Add egg yolks one at a time then gradually add 1-3 tbls of water until pastry comes together. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 30 seconds. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Roll pastry out on a lightly flour surface then roll out into a greased rectangular flan tin. Line pastry with baking paper, fill with rice and bake for 10 minutes at 160 degrees celcius, then remove paper and rice and bake until pastry is golden.

5 eggs
150 grams caster sugar
90 ml lemon juice
2 tbls grated lemon zest
150 ml double cream

Place eggs, sugar, lemon juice and rind in a bowl and whisk to combine, then whisk in cream. Heat lemon mix in a saucepan over medium heat for 5 minutes or until warm, then pour into prepared pastry case and bake at 160 degrees celcius for 25 minutes or until just firm.

Cool the tart for 1 hour, then serve dusted with icing sugar (optional) and lashings of double cream.

original recipe pinned by http://jillianleiboff.blogspot.com.au

Whipping up this delicious Lemon Tart for the gorgeous Jess for this weeks IBOT 



  1. Lemon is one of my favourite dessert ingredients! Will add this to the list. So glad your a pinner that does not just a pinner that pins. I have been slowly working through my pins - but really have to stop pinning long enough to catch up ;)

    1. I'm an obsessed pinner lol much to the delight of my boys....they would love me to bake everyday : )
      Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Oh man, that looks and sounds so good. I LOVE anything lemon. I am seriously starting to think I need to get myself some kind of mixing contraption so that I can actually start to make some of the yummy things I've seen on Pinterest!

    1. Pinterest is SO addictive !!
      I'm always pinning and making something, either cooking or craft. I'm hopeless lol

  3. I would love to give this a try if it didn't have sugar and dairy and wheat in !!!!! It sounds like it is delicious.
    I have stayed away from Pinterest because I am scared if I get started on there I may never leave !!!
    Have the best day !

    1. I think I should have stayed away to !!!!!

  4. Yummo - I have to say I'm not going NEAR Pinterest! I already spent enough time in cyberspace - This looks delish - well done :)

    1. I have to say I joined up and couldn't see the point of it to begin with, then when my boy was in hospital last year I decided to give it another go to keep occupied while he slept.......
      The rest as they say is history !!!
      Now I'm on every day lol

  5. Isn't lemon tart just the best? I love it! Will have to give this one a go :)

    1. It's worth a try Jess, and it was quite easy to make #bonus : )

  6. Pinterest has a lot to answer for.....I love it!
    This tart looks amazing, I think lemon is always a winner :)



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