26 Jul 2013

Don't Loose Your Sparkle

All relationships go through their ups and downs, and mine is certainly no different. It is so easy to get caught up with the every day distractions that life throws your way that sometimes without even realising it, your relationship comes in on the bottom rung of the ladder, and you find that you are leaving each other and your relationship unattended.

Earlier this year my wonderful husband and I realised that we had been neglecting "us" that we were just rolling along going about the business of life. 
We had not lost our love or commitment to each other but we had lost our "sparkle" Somewhere along the road we had taken a sharp turn and ended up on a road that we had originally vowed not to go down. 
The conversations were almost non existent, and as for alone time........well who has the time ?

Thankfully we realised that we needed to stop the roller coaster, take a deep breathe and get back to the basics of our relationship. It had been too long since we had put ourselves first and with our boys growing up so rapidly, it finally clicked that now is our time. It's time to spend some quality one on one time with each other and bring our "sparkle" back to what it once was.

Coffee dates, a glass of wine in our backyard, and recently our four glorious days in Brisbane. Long walks, quiet dinners, the Pink concert and a night time ride on the Brisbane Wheel at South Bank was a highlight. It was romantic, it was special and a time that I will never forget. We are on the right track and with continued effort on both our parts I know that our "sparkle" will continue to shine for many years to come........

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Enjoy your weekend everyone
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  1. Love this. Visiting through FYBF :-)
    I hear you loud and clear - hubby & I are having a couple of hours child free tomorrow night so should be fun.

    1. Lovely : ) enjoy your time together. Thank you so much for stopping by xx

  2. What a great way to stay in touch with each other. It does get hard at times doesn't it ?
    Have the best weekend !

  3. Good on the both of you. We often forget that one day when all the kids are gone it will just be the two of us. (Okay, not strictly true, we talk about being footloose and fancy free all the time, lol). But it's so nice to make the time just for two. Your Brissy trip looked great. We are off to Melbourne next week for a night, can't wait.

  4. Hi Beck, Husband and I are now after seven years of marriage begin to find it harder to connect. Our children are getting older and understanding more, so that I find we are unable to talk over their heads as much as we used to. I try and remember all the lost conversations to retell of an evening, but it is hard, and I think we are just simply talking less. Thankfully we spend A LOT of time together, so I think it is balanced. But I yearn for dates, and someone who will voluntarily babysit five children and the money to pay for everything. I think if we are conscience of the issue, we'll be okay, cause I cannot wait to be fifty, have money and children living elsewhere! xx Sarah from www.creatingcontentment.com



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