5 Jul 2013

May You Always Be My Baby Boy

You desperately want to stop the clock, but in reality know that you cant and it's inevitable that time will pass and that the day will come when you must let go.

It provokes mixed emotions. Your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing and although as a parent you have always questioned yourself, the questions resurface and rush through your mind thick and fast.

This morning, I opened my eyes and it really hit home. I am now the mother of an adult. My first born turned 20 years old today and the memories of times gone by came to mind in floods of happiness.
The day he was born and I held him for the first time. His first Christmas, first tooth, first word. The day he took his first steps (for a lolly snake no less) and the list goes on.

As we celebrate this next mile stone in your life, I want you to remember that you are loved so very much and have brought nothing but complete joy to our lives, and although you may no longer be a child but a grown man, know that we are always here to guide you, protect you, and wrap our arms tightly around you.

So my son, celebrate your childhood experiences for they make you who you are, and has filled your life so far with adventure.

Honour your wisdom and the lessons that you have learned. Your know your own mind so always trust your instincts.

Take joy in this gift that is life. Since the very day that you were born, you have touched the lives of each and every one of us that has had the pleasure to know you.

You make being a parent a joy, a dream. You are my world and I am so very proud of the young man that you have grown into.

Happy 20th birthday "Kigga" may you always be my baby boy xx

Celebrating this wonderful mile stone on FYBF
Happy Friday x


  1. Oh, I am in tears reading this! My oldest child will turn 18 in a couple of months, and I'm already feeling emotional about it. This is beautifully written, and your son looks like a lovely young man.

    1. I cried while writing this, I'm such a sookie la la
      Watching them grow is such a pleasure but its hard when you have to let go, I don't think any parent ever really let's go completely though. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your eldest child's 18th.

  2. What a beautiful post Beck - heartfelt, honest and true. Happy birthday to your eldest boy!

  3. They never stop being our babies right? I call my 2 year old my wee baby but in honestly he's a toddler. Loving photos, I'm worried that when they grow up I won't be able to let go :(

    1. It's SO hard letting go : ( time goes by way to fast. I can't believe he is 20 ! Seems like yesterday we celebrated his 1st birthday xx

  4. What a gorgeous post Beck, but I still profess you do not look old enough to have an adult son ;) xx

    1. Thanks sweetie : ) your words are WAY to kind xxxx



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