24 Jul 2013

So...You Want The Truth ?

She is amazing, strong, talented, powerful, beautiful and inspiring. I am talking about none other then superstar P!NK

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend my third Pink concert. Yep that's right, third ! and yet again she blew me away. The woman is amazing sorry for my gushing she is like fine wine......"gets better with age" 

From the moment she "flies" on stage you are taken on the ride of a life time......a journey of love, light and laughter. There is so much action your eyes are always searching for something new to look at, but the time goes by all to quickly, and before you are ready it's over !!

My show plus Lanyard

Pink sang a range of songs from each of her albums, including two cover songs.
"Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak and "Time After Time" by Cindi Lauper, and as usual she sang them to perfection.
I did however think that she would have sung more from her latest album "The Truth About Love" and was a little disappointed that she did not sing the new single "True Love" but I guess I am just greedy and would love to see her sing every single song that she has ever recorded. LOL

We had amazing seats, I certainly couldn't complain. Her fly wire was right about us and she actually came within reach, I was as excited as a little kid and almost dropped my camera as she flew by : ) I was in complete awe.  

You may think that seeing one artist three times is a little obsessive, but those of you who have been as lucky as I have to see this amazingly talented woman in concert, would understand why it is, that no matter how many times she graces our shores, I will do my damnedest to get my hands on tickets. 

Concert souvenirs 

Some of my favorite quotes and lyrics from this extraordinary woman

"My definition of stupid is wasting
your opportunity to  be yourself,
because I think everybody has a
uniqueness and everybody's good
at something"


"I'm learning to be brave
in my beautiful 

Crystal Ball


  1. Lucky you! I have never seen her live, not sure why because I love her music and think she's awesome. Nothing tops a great show.

  2. Oh wow. It looks absolutely amazing! I have heard she is a wonderful performer - and it looks like you've confirmed that! X

  3. Really like Pink, how special to get to go three times!

  4. Lucky chickie! It's not obsessive, it's FUN!!!! Sounds like a fab time.



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