1 Oct 2012

School Holidays Are For Fun

I just love the lazy days of Spring, it's my favorite time of year, and having a two week school break just tops it off nicely. Here in sunny QLD the weather is perfect, hot enough to swim and enjoy the outdoors but not that hot you melt like butter and feel all yicky !!
Usually at this time of year, our family goes away for a few days, but due to a few unexpected hurdles, the boys have had to be satisfied with lazy days of fun in their own backyard.
Lucky for us, we live in a beautiful part of the world that offers us many wonderful places to explore, keep us entertained, busy, smiling, active and happy.

No matter how old your kids are, it can be difficult to keep them from becoming board during School breaks, and if you have teenagers like mine, they think that money grows on trees and that mum and dad have an endless supply mum would like an endless supply  but unfortunately for many, including us right now, this is not the case, so keeping them happy and entertained can be a difficult task (believe me I know).

Planning is a must if you want to make sure that your teens stay focused and involved in life, otherwise they would be happy to sleep the day away and think that living in "cyber" world is the only "cool" way to fly !!

(Cyber world is mums world now ! Move over teens)

What are your plans for Spring break ?
As we head into week two of our school holidays we have a few days of fun planned.

Last night the boys set up the tent and "camped out" in our backyard, we shared a family BBQ then later in the evening we cracked open a BIG bag of marshmallows, and mum and dad happily supervised their toasting (mum of course joined in and had her fair share as well) the boys made their own fun and ran around having fun with sparklers, and chasing the dog ! the sound of laughter was music to my ears and a great time was had by all.

BBQ's at the beach are always great fun at this time of year, and a family favorite, we have a few of those planned for this week .... don't forget the footy, togs and towels.
A trip to our local strawberry farm is also high on our to do list YUM !! I'm sure that as usual, the boys will eat more then they pick :)

These are just a few ideas that our family plans to make the remaining days of our school break fun !

 Happy Spring Break everyone, and enjoy making memories.

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