10 Oct 2012

Really ! Were you born in a tent ?

Have you ever really stopped, and thought about how often you repeat yourself, day in and day out ? Over and over again ? How often as a mum, you literally sound like a broken record ?
I know what they say, that males have "selected" hearing, but I am seriously thinking that my boys are in need of hearing tests, either that or I need to make my own "mum" CD and just continuously let it play !
I'm over sounding like Polly the pet parrot, repeating myself all the time, my feathers are ruffled and enough is enough......

Shut the door, were you born in a tent ?
Your dirty clothes don't live on your bedroom floor
Hang up your wet towels
Get out of the fridge
Turn off the computer
Did you finish your homework ?
Did you feed the dog ?

And the list goes on and on and on......

It gets quite exhausting, and some days I could smack my head against a brick wall, but not a single difference would that make.   
I am mum ! this is my house and my rules are the law, there is no debating or questioning why, there is no bending or changing the rules to suit your individual needs. My rules are THE rules and if you want to be fed, clothed and a roof over your head, you WILL abide by these rules no questions asked .....

Right ????

It's really stressful being a parent, and all we want is the best for our kids, and to provide a safe and healthy life for them, laying down rules are a huge part of the parenting process, but kids, they see rules as parents trying to prevent them from having fun, from living a life of adventure and freedom, its all well and good to let kids have the freedom they so desire, but give them to much and walk all over you they will.
I guess when its all said and done, rules are all a part of the "tough love" angle, everywhere in life there are rules that need to be followed, and parents that enforce rules, are not actually being cruel (no matter what the child thinks) but are actually preparing their kids for what they will encounter later in life. Unfortunately, there will always be rules to follow, with no way around them, and that is just a part of life.....

So come on mums and dads, stick to your guns, make it clear that its your way or no way, we have a responsibility as parents to teach our kids right from wrong, its tough, I know, those ratty kids sure do give us a run for our money, but think about it, without rules we would be living a life full of mayhem and believe me, the stress of that would be ten times the amount of stress then arguing with a teen about rules !!
Our household has its fair share of "rule tantrums" and no matter how many parenting books I read, or advice I ask and take from others, its something that we as a family will always struggle with, teens and their hatred of rules is something that can never be avoided......

So I guess that when all is said and done, that this mum  will just have to  keep repeating myself, in the hope that one day, the simple rules that are constantly being ignored by my teens will sink in and when and if that day happens, I hope beyond hope that I will be sitting down coffee in hand, because the shock of it may just be a little to much to bare.....

Drink coffee and carry on

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