23 Oct 2012

Mums Rant.....(sorry I'm having a melt down)

I'm having one of those days !
This mum is having a melt down....
I've lost the plot, and everyone is just going to have to deal with it !!

I slept inn ! and since last night was a late night out, no school lunches had been prepared. I lost an important school note, teen number three's laptop broke and of course that turned into an international crisis, which did not amuse me at 7am ! 
The cat clawed its way through two fly screens, milo was sent flying all over the clean floor. The dishwasher had a hissy fit, and didn't wash last nights dinner dishes, and I have grass all through my shag pile rug because NOBODY listens and thinks that it is OK to bring their grassy, smelly shoes in, even though the rule is NO shoes inside....but who am I to complain ? I'm just mum.

I have a laundry that I cant find, due to piles of dirty clothes, sheets and wet towels, and not one person in this household thought to help by making their bed this morning.....
I have nothing left in the pantry, except coffee and corn chips, and to top things off, I gained a huge zit on my chin overnight, that I am blaming on my family due to stress. I don't care if that is mean and awful of me, Its MY prerogative as a woman to blame who I choose when I'm having a day like this.........

I'm calm now, my rant is over.......
I think that I will light some candles, pour ANOTHER coffee, turn my P!nk CD up really loud and much on some corn chips, and if that doesn't help, this family of mine had better watch out when they come home, or they may just find that their list of chores has grown to include some of the jobs that us mums always seem to get stuck with, just because we are MUM !

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