14 Oct 2012

Beaches, wine and cake.......

Sunday afternoon exhaustion has set in, and those of us not at work (poor eldest boy wonder, but think of the $$ mate) are laying around the house relaxing with not much motivation to do anything else. We've had a great weekend. The decision to put the stress of our home renovations on hold for a few days and just chill, was exactly what we needed to do. (Our house has been a high stress avenue for a few weeks and the need to get away, talk and spend some quiet moments alone, was very much in need.

Our weekend began with a spare of the moment day trip to Cape Hillborough, which is located 20km North of our home town Mackay. A pristine beach, choice of walking tracks, great fishing spots and a lovely picnic area make this gorgeous out of the way spot a must to visit for the day, or for a longer break away, the "Nature Resort" is a wonderful, friendly place to stay.

We had a perfect family morning walking the beach and just spending a lovely time together taking in the beautiful surroundings that this fabulous location has to offer. We really do live in a beautiful part of the world, and should make more of an effort to enjoy it.

Returning home, we ended up with the request for extra teenage boys to stay the night...Unusual ? No, it's a weekly occurrence in our house! So we decided that a BBQ was the easiest option for dinner, and again set up the camp fire in the backyard as per request from the teenagers of the house, so they could again enjoy roasting marshmallows (this time mum behaved, and did not indulge).

As is usual with teenagers these days (well mine anyway) the outdoors finally lost its glowing interest, and the boys returned to their beloved PlayStation. Its a sad but true fact, that my boys will only tolerate so much fresh air per day (am I the only one that has to push their teenage boys outside?)

Anyway it was their loss, and my gain. Since the fire was still roaring away, hubby and I decided to take advantage of the peace and quiet, and we settled down by the fire with a glass of wine and spent the night talking and generally enjoying each others company, this was very much needed and very welcomed by us both. It's not that often we get time alone, and lately the stress of life has become a bit much, I think its time that we take a step back and return to the basics of life, its time to get of the roller coaster and slow things down, life is to short to do other wise.

That was our Saturday, a long but wonderful day, that we certainly need to repeat real soon...

Sunday morning bought the opportunity for me to escape the house, the kids and the general Sunday chores and head off to our River Front Coffee Club, who was holding another "Meet and Tweet" for Mackay Tweeters. This time hubby joined me for the meet and greet, but I think he is still none the wiser about how twitter works....lol  but that is jut fine with me, as twitter is MY thing ! Us Tweeters had a great time catching up with each other indulging in fine coffee and the wonderful complementary cake platters that the Coffee Club put on for us :) thanks guys, we had a really great time and I am sure that we will be meeting up again real soon.

So that was our busy weekend, a lazy Sunday night is on order, as tomorrow we begin the hectic "Eisteddfod" schedule, I'll be sure to let you all know how that goes :)

Cape Hillsborough

Wine by the fire
Complementary Cake

*This post was not sponsored by Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort or by the Riverfront Coffee Club Mackay.

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