13 Feb 2017


I did something for myself on Friday morning. I thought it was about time to put aside being self conscious and start to take care of my physical self, so I joined up to a free fitness group.

Mall walking !

What do you think ?
That's huge stuff for me, for someone who had all but given up on herself.

This year I made a promise to myself that I would make a few small changes that would finally see me getting back on track with exercise, healthy eating and ultimately back to my desired weight and self. I knew it wouldn't be easy, that it would most likely take more than a year to really undo all the damage I've done, but little by little I'm sticking to my goal and this "mall walking" business is another step in the right direction.

Baby steps, right ?
I'm not ready to get back to the gym yet. My confidence is still low, yet climbing a little each day that I stay on track.

There were quite a few people there. Men and women of all ages and fitness levels. The trainers were warm and welcoming. The pace was fast but after a good warm up I was ready and completed the 5 km along side new friends. I will going back and making it a regular fitness meet of my week.

Do you mall walk ?
Ask at the information desk at your local mall to see if it is available in your area and join in. I guarantee you that you will have a blast.

beck xx

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