23 Feb 2017


Just before Christmas we had to do a big reshuffle and hone in our organisation skills as our son Josh moved back home after he lost his job with the closure of Masters. It meant giving up the spare room, finding space to store his share of half a house and for him getting used to living with his parents again. But for him to continue paying rent and utilities was a waste of his savings. It made more sense for him to move home and get back onto his feet. Besides, having him home made this mum pretty chuffed just quietly. The transition has been easy, it's like he never left.

Now just a couple of months down the track, we are there again. Job cuts have seen my other son loose his job as well. So this weekend we are packing him up, moving him home where he will be able to concentrate on finding work without the pressures of finding money to pay all the bills that come with living away from home. Although he is devastated, which is to be expected. We will work through it as a family. Standing tall, watching over each other and tackling hardships together.

And so the organisation begins again. Yesterday I spent a few hours going through a few things that we had stored in the garage, trying to make room for the boxes that will inevitably be coming home with my boy. It is going to be a tight squeeze, but it is something that as parents we are willing to deal with to make sure both our boys have the same support, same opportunities and the relief that comes along with having parents that love and care for them and their future.

So as of the weekend, our home will be full yet again. For the first time in almost three years, all six of us will be under the same roof again. It is going to be crazy, it will be loud, my days will be full and we will have to adjust to all the little things that living together again will bring. But we are family. Stronger together then apart.

It will all work out because we have each others backs. Because that what being a family is all about.

beck xx


  1. There is nothing like family to hod you up when things get a little hairy. I am so happy they have you hun and that you have all your babes under the one roof for a while where you can wrap them up in love xx

    1. There is nothing quite like having my babes back home. It may not be under the best circumstances, but I will be lapping it up while it lasts xx

  2. Nothing better than family to love, support and laugh/cry with you. I bet it'll be loads of fun in your household this year. I really love your thoughts on family Beck xx

    1. Fun and chaos will be my year I'm sure Elisa. Thank you for your kind words and stopping by xx



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