18 Jan 2016

MONDAY MUNCHIES - Chicken Spinach & Ricotta Pasta

The school holidays are almost over, and while we still want to grab every last second of freedom, meals still have to be cooked and kitchens still need to be cleaned. One pot meals are always high on my list of rotation and this pasta dish was quick and delicious, perfect for a throw together meal when you would rather be doing anything else than cooking.



* Cooked pasta ( 1 cup per family member)
* 1 BBQ chicken
* 300 ml thickened cream
* 300 grams reduced fat ricotta
* Handful of baby spinach

* Baked pumpkin (optional)

Cook pasta as per packet directions.

Break up the chicken, removing all the bones and skin.

In a large pan over low heat, mix the cream and ricotta stirring until smooth and combined. Add the chicken and pasta and stir until coated with the cream mixture.

Season with salt and pepper to taste and add the baby spinach stirring through the pasta.

Serve topped with baked pumpkin.


beck xx

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