8 Jan 2016


It seems you only just get over Christmas and New Year, then the back to school stuff hits the supermarket shelves and your thrown into chaos again. Every year the summer break seems to get shorter and shorter.

This year is the first time in I cant remember how long, that we only have one child returning to school. Its going to be really strange, a lot cheaper on the pocket, and a lot less homework drama, but it still seems like things are coming to some sort of end. Two years to go and school is all over for this household.

Usually for reasons unknown I leave the back to school shopping to the last minute and curse the whole time. This time I am hoping to attack the stores early and take my time so that nothing is forgotten happens all the time ! So come Monday, armed with the book list and the "I want" list, I will hit the shops like an eager beaver, or something like that anyway.

Are you organised for back to school yet ?
Or are you like me and regret putting it off until the last minute ?

Whatever you do, I wish you all the best of luck as you join in the fight with other parents for books, pencils and lunch boxes.

beck xx

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