1 Jan 2016


Well hello there bright, fresh new year. You have arrived, full of sunshine and glory, showing off great potential. I sure hope you deliver !

The morning started off around here in a great way, a much needed sleep in then coffee, hot and strong. I ran a few errands, picked up a few necessities, fresh flowers, a couple of books and a sweet smelling candle to start the year of in the right way. It was then home again to do a quick tidy through, then to relax with the family.

I did it. I picked up a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic this morning, as recommended by Beth of Baby-mac I cant wait to sink my teeth into this beauty. I also purchased a copy of James Duigan's Clean and Lean Diet I have heard amazing things about this book, and I am itching to put it into practice. These two books have only been in my possession for a few hours, but they are already known as my "bibles for 2016"

You know what else I did this morning....

Took another piece of advice from Beth obsessed much ? and completed my first "one thing" for 2016. I hung our family portraits on the wall. You may think that this "one thing" is nothing big, but let me tell you it is. See this is the first time that these photos have been hung in this house, a house we have been living in for fourteen years. I know, I'm a slacker, but they are up now and mumma is happy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time bringing in the new year with family and friends, we had a quiet one but it was just perfect. A good movie, bubbles and kisses at the stroke of twelve. Good luck with your new year resolutions if you made them and may 2016 shine bright and bring love and peace to you all.

Happy New Year

beck xx


  1. I really want to read Elizabeth Gilbert's new book too. I just ordered some books from The Collective which I can't wait to read. And yay for hanging photos up. I need to update the photos in the frames at our house. The kids grow so quick.

    1. My kids are really young in these photos, it's nice to have a reminder of when they were young x



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