17 Jan 2016


With just one week to go before my oldest two boys move into a home of their own, I am feeling all sorts of mixed emotions about the change that is before us. Granted, one of the two already lives away from home and has done for the past nine months, but having both of them out on their own is a big step considering two of my four boys will be gone from the nest. I'm excited for them, but at the same time sad for me. Because this signifies the beginning of me having to let go of my babes.

I am lucky that my boys are so close to each other, and not just in age. They have always been there for each other, it fills my heart with so much love and pride.

I have been so fortunate to have been chosen to be these boys mother. The relationship that I have with each of them is everything to me. They are my whole life and I am blessed to have them.

These two boys of mine are amazing, I know they will do well out on their own. I must admit that I feel some comfort knowing that they will have each other to depend on.
Crazy, loving boys, both of them unique in more ways then one, and how I love them so.

beck xx

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