24 Dec 2015


Every year I have a "themed" Christmas. I pick a colour or two and it goes from there. I know thanks to Instagram, a lot of you do the same.
This year our theme is gold and white, and as you can imagine the possibilities are endless. I always have a table center piece, which usually consists of something diy, this year although I have been busy, I still managed to throw something together, even if it was on Christmas eve.


what you need...

* Candle holders
* Candles
* Feathers
* Hot glue gun & glue
* Gold decorative tape {or colour of your choosing}

Using your hot glue gun, glue the feather into place pressing lightly whilst drying for added adhesive.

Then once dry, use the decorative tape to decorate the bottom of the candle holder.

Nice and easy, and very quick.

Everything I used here was purchased at Spotlight.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at CraftyPjMum central.

beck xx

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