4 Dec 2015


I have barely had time to think this week let alone stop and welcome Summer to our shores.
Summer, here already, seems like we just bid farewell to the long hot days, yet here we are again. Bright, intense and steamy in all your humid glory. It's funny, at one time I welcomed summer days, now I can only take it in small doses. How I wish Spring time lasted a little longer.

With the new season comes Christmas. CHRISTMAS people, it's three weeks away !!!!!
I am SO far behind this year. More so than any other.
My craft is ready to begin if I can only find the time 
The ingredients for my Christmas baking still on the supermarket shelf
My Christmas blog posts are all just ideas in my head waiting to be taken notice of

Its all just coming on way to fast.
But at least the tree is up if nothing else.

We celebrated another birthday here this week. I now have two sons in their twenties. Can you even imagine. I am blown away by it.

For the first time ever, I didn't get to celebrate with him, he was on his first ever self funded holiday without parental supervision. I'm still coming to terms with having grown up children. Some days even though they are few and far between I don't feel like a grown up myself.

Linking up this week for the first December FYBF of 2015 with.... With Some Grace

Have a fabulous weekend, and hopefully I can get myself all caught up and back on track before the jolly old guy begins his decent down chimneys for 2015...

beck xx

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