5 Jan 2014

Time To Create

Hi I'm Beck, and I am addicted to craft.....

If you have ever taken a quick look at Craftypjmum, you have most likely seen a crafty post or two amongst my other ramblings. There are not many because for a while there I had lost my crafty mojo.

Well it's back and I am raring to go !!

For the past few years (yes years, and I am SO over it) we have been renovating our home. It is nearly done thank heavens and I am itching to begin the 'fun' part.....

Decorating !!

I am on a mission to complete one room at a time, no matter how long it takes me. After waiting so long, I just want to take the time and make sure that everything turns out just the way I have been dreaming of.

Paint charts and craft magazines have taken over my home, and I am spending a lot of time searching and pinning madly on Pinterest (the family have stopped asking what I am doing on the computer)
My love of craft and beautiful things are being very well taken care of, and I have a list as long as my arm of things that I am eager to try my hand at.

Cushion love, you can never have enough cushions. I fell in love with these crafty cushions and cant wait to give them a whirl......

Tassel's can be used in many ways. I am going to use them to tie back my curtains. I may even add a few beads to mine.

Nick knacks......I am addicted to them and love to have pretty things scattered throughout my home. I have so many that Hubby just rolls his eyes.
These gorgeous fabric and twine balls took my eye and they are high on my list of must haves. I can see a trip to Spotlight and Lincraft near my near future.

Hopefully I will be madly at work very soon making a crafty mess, documenting it all so that I can share my projects with you all here on Craftypjmum.

Now if only I could win the lotto :)

beck xx

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