7 Jan 2014

Because We Can (party like the young ones)

Our family are BIG music lovers. Not a day passes without music playing in our home. Between the six of us, our taste in music varies. We listen to everything from Pop, Rap, Country and Rock. As I said, we love music.
Many of us even play an instrument.

As much as we love living where we do (Mackay QLD) not many 'big' acts bring their stage shows here. And as you can imagine, as parents of teens we are not willing to let them travel and stay so far away from home on their own without adult supervision (call me a prude but I am concerned with my sons safety)

So as the boys grew, discussions were had, and we agreed that for each of their 15th birthdays, we Mum and Dad would accompany each of our boys to Brisbane to see the Concert of their choosing.

We have been SO lucky.......

Mum and Dad have not had to attend a Concert that we have not enjoyed. 
In fact I think that we may have even partied harder then our children (because we can)

This year was teen number three's turn. He is our party animal and we knew that he would not settle to see just anyone.

His choice.......BON JOVI  

When we take our said teen to Brisbane to see the concert of their choosing, it is a weekend for just us three. Mum, Dad and teen. After all it is their birthday present, and since we have four gorgeous boys, they at least deserve some time just focused on them.

We had an amazing time, and seeing Bon Jovi was amazing. It was kind of fitting that our boy chose them to see, as hubby was the same age as him when he first saw them live.

Our boy was beyond excited, happiness was all around and it made my heart ache with joy to see just how much it meant to him to spend this one on one time with us and to see his favorite band.


Dad was teens age when he first saw Bon Jovi live *memories

The 'oldies' ready to 'rock on'

Ahhh the man

We had really good seats

We had a fantastic time with our boy making life long memories. It wont be too long before it is our babies teen number fours turn to see if he can keep up with his 'partying' parents at the concert of his choice.

Happily linking up with the lovely Jess for another 'Rocking' IBOT :) 


  1. WOW you really did have great seats to get such fantastic pics!!! I love those photos, you all look so happy, and are obviously a close-knit family! My sissies and our partners/husbands are off to BDO in a few weeks, mainly to see Eddie (aka Pearl Jam) we will be some of the oldest rockers there, but I would LOVE to be able to take our kids to their first concert! Music consumes our house also, we have the radio on 24/7 and in the car, iPads and everything else! Go you - rocking mumma!
    Em - xxxx (also part of #teamIBOT but you know I'd visit/comment anyhow ;) ) xxx

  2. I love that you have this family tradition, what awesome memories for everyone. Our family motto may be something like, "the family that goes to gigs together stays together", lol.

    P.S. Trying to catch up on blog READING, I have missed so many great posts, starting with yours. xxx

  3. Wow, what fabulous photos! So special that your lovely boy got to choose his own concert, wonderful idea :)

  4. That's such an awesome tradition to keep up! I really like the idea of it!
    Also, Bon Jovi!



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