2 Jan 2014

Every Heart Has A Story

How much of yourself do you really share with your loved ones ?

Over the past few months, happenings in my life have led me to do a lot of soul searching, which has made me realise just how much I bottle up inside. I, like many others, hold things close to my heart, keeping my feelings and inner most thoughts to myself. 
I've been afraid I guess to let my feelings show, I don't know why and I guess now that I see it in black and white, it seems a little silly.
What I do know, is that every ones heart has a story to share and so that is how I am aiming to spend 2014.


I am starting off this brand new year with the aim of being honest with myself, with my family and friends and of course you, my online family ! 

My word/motto for this year sharing, will popping up often on Crafty (please don't abandon me out of boredom)  I will be sharing things with you that inspire me, be it my family or parts of my everyday life. I hope that you to will open up and share things with me also. Whether it be by comments on my posts, on twitter, facebook or by email.

Let us take the time to share big things and little things. No matter how insignificant they may seem it doesn't matter, for every heart has a story that should be heard.

                                                                                  beck xx


  1. I love your goals for the year, Beck. And sharing is a perfect guiding word to bring about growth and happiness for the year ahead. X

  2. I admire your goals with this Beck. I am heading the other way, thinking I should share less. I am just tired of all the flak I seem to invite by putting myself out there. But maybe it's who I share with that matters more than what I share?

    Look forward to reading more.



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