13 Jan 2014

Happy Birthday My Possum

On Friday the 13th 2000, we welcomed our fourth son into the world, Benjamin James.
 He was small, healthy and compared to his brothers very quiet. 
Ben was welcomed into our family with much love and excitement,
 which thankfully he took all in his stride.........

Ben, your laughter is infectious making those all around you happy. 
Each day you bring such joy to my life,
You are my world, you are a delight,
My heart bursts with joy to introduce you as my son, my youngest, my pride and joy.

Your brothers dote on you,
They are your fierce protectors, but also the first to call you a pest !
Brotherly love......
It melts my heart and it drives me crazy

You are a determined child.
Strong willed, independent and feisty !
You know what you want, and you fight to get it.
Some days there is no use arguing with you over trivial things.
You will go far in life, of this I am sure.

I have been so very lucky as a Mum,
From the first moment that I have held all my sons,
We have shared a close bond that continues today.

Ben you were, and still are a wonderful addition to our family
The moment you were born our family was complete.
We treasure you, adore you, love you unconditionally. You are a huge part of our world.
Without you I can not even begin to imagine what life would be like.

So Ben as you celebrate your birthday today,
Remember how much you are loved.
Enjoy every minute that life offers you and never take anything for granted.
You have given me so much in life to be thankful for.
Each day that I look into those big brown eyes I thank God that he gave you to me.
You will forever be my possum and your Dad's shadow
No matter how big you grow......

Happy birthday Benny
Love always Mum

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