29 Aug 2017


I woke early this morning, it was still dark outside but the distant stirring of birds meant the day was about to begin. It is a big day, one that has been thirteen years in the making, there have been tears, there have been fights and there has been stress, so much stress. But here we are still standing, still pushing through.

A lot is riding on today, tomorrow and Thursday My baby boys future lays dependent on these three isolated days of his schooling life. All thirteen years of learning have reached their summit as he takes the most important exams of his life so far. The QCS {Queensland Core Skills}

I have mixed feelings about today, tomorrow and Thursday, on one hand its exciting to know that as a family we have reached this milestone together. That as parents we can pat ourselves on the back and be proud that all of our four sons have made it through grade twelve and have been able to do so with their heads held high. On the other hand today, tomorrow and Thursday brings us to an end of an era. No longer will we be the parents of school students. No longer the parents of kids who are struggling to make sure that all expectations are being met whether it be making sure school attendance is high, that homework is completed and that study is being done. Today, my job as a school mum hits its last legs, I am on the home run now, and to be honest I have cried tears of joy, tears of sadness and also tears of unease as I wonder if there is any more that I could have done to prepare my baby boy for these final schooling moments.

So today my darling boy,
Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You can be proud of what you have achieved so far and all you can do now is march on into these exams and do your absolute best. I know that you have done all there is to prepare yourself for this moment and as your mum I couldn't be prouder.
I hope that I have done enough for you, that I have been supportive and encouraging, and that I have not done you any injustice. That over the years you have been able to count on me being their for you no matter what.
You are my last baby, my baby Ben, my possum. You have grown into an incredible young man and I cant wait to see what your future brings. Your dreams are big as are mine for you, and soon they will be within your reach. You can do it Ben, you can make your dreams reality. I have all faith in your ability to make it in this big wide world.

Almost eighteen years ago you came into this world completing our family. We love you unconditionally, every single one of us. So take this and our support with you into these exams today, tomorrow and Thursday and smash it just like I know you will.

Love mum.

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