1 Aug 2017

TAKING STOCK - July 2017

So today is August 1st.
We are now into the eighth month of 2017. Can anyone tell me how this has actually happened ?
I mean wasn't it just last week we were ringing in the new year ? My mother once told me that the older you get the faster time goes.

Seems she was right.

Pip had a great idea when she started Taking Stock. A monthly post of memories if you will. The good, the bad and the down right ugly. Everything that adds up to make the month that was.

Making - Plans for new gardens in the back yard. Hoping that our dogs are now old enough to leave well enough alone. That is the trouble with pets sometimes.
Cooking - Only six nights a week now that my eldest son has taken to cooking on one of his days off. Now if only I could convince the other members of my family to cook dinner once a week I would only have to cook on the weekends.
Drinking - Water and red wine.  Mmm Must give up the wine again.
Reading - THE PARTY by Robyn Harding. I cant stress enough how fabulous this book was. It had me sucked in from the very first page. I have my fingers crossed that this will become a movie. Do yourself a favour and read this one.
Wanting - A holiday desperately. We actually haven't been anywhere since our trip to Melbourne. That was two years ago.
Looking - For work. Its a slow process with so many others also in the same boat.
Playing - Candy crush. I know, I know pathetic.
Deciding - On paint colours. It is a big decision.

Wishing - I had a spare twenty thousand dollars so that I could send my son of to uni next year without financial stress.
Enjoying - These beautiful Winter days and cool nights. I am not looking forward to our long hot Summer. It is not that far away truth be told.
Waiting - Always waiting for my boys in the car. Same car park different day *sigh
Liking - Being busy, getting stuck into things around the house that sometimes get neglected.
Wondering - If the renovations on our house will ever be finished.
Loving - All the new growth on my indoor plants. Seriously they are going nuts !
Considering - Buying a new rug for under our dining room table, but don't know where I would start looking for a square one. Any ideas ? Anyone ?
Buying - Shoes and outfits for going on interviews. I didn't realise how much my mum wardrobe had taken over my life.
Watching - Housewives of New York City. This season is THE BEST !
Hoping - That I will soon see results of the diet and exercise that I have been throwing myself into. Its time to bring this old chick back to life and wave goodbye to all the damage that I have done to myself.
Needing - A few extra hours in the day. I am sure that I am not alone there.
Smelling - The sweet scent of Spring in the air. I hope we can hang onto it a little longer this year before feeling the full force of the North Queensland Summer.
Wearing - Shoes and not just thongs. My goal is NOT to have that thong tan line on my feet this year.
Following - Some amazing new accounts on Instagram lately. Maybe I will share my favorites in another post someday soon.
Thinking - About buying myself a pair of new ear rings. It has been way to long since I got something new and shiny for myself.
Admiring - All the ladies out there that have not let mental stress get the better of them and let themselves go. I am so mad at myself right now. I just hope that I can undo all the damage.
Getting - Nervous about my baby boy moving away next year. Time has just gone by way to quickly.
Opening - My eyes to the fact that not everyone in this world is genuine and stand by what they say.
Giggling - At Yummy Mummies...How is that even real ?
Feeling - Happy and enjoying spending time with my husband in the garden. Its nice to see the progress we are making together no matter how slow going it is.
Snacking - On apples and strawberries. I am trying SO hard to be good and stick to a strict diet.
Helping - My parents out while they are away by looking after there home and my mums gardens. That is the one things my mum has always had no matter where they live, beautiful gardens.

So that was July around here in a nut shell. Busy but easy going. I still cant believe how fast this year is passing us by. Have you done anything exciting ? Been anywhere ? Read anything that you think I might like ? If you have, please share.

beck xx

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