4 Apr 2017

TAKING STOCK - March 2017

I love reading and writing Taking Stock posts. Reliving and finding out what everyone has been up to, gives me satisfaction that we have all made it through another month no matter how fabulous or trying.Pip of Meet Me At Mikes really has created something wonderful with Taking Stock.

March was all over the place here. Happy and difficult, thankfully we are all healthy and doing really well. Because that is what matters most.

Making more time to spend in the garden now the weather is cooling slightly.
Cooking a lot of new recipes this month, and baking more for my family again. I lost all my will for cooking anything exciting for a while there.

Drinking lots of water and feeling really good for it. Who would have thought !!!
Reading The Girl Before by J.P Delaney which I hear is being made into a movie.
Wanting more indoor plants in my life.
Looking into the Paleo Diet and reading everything that I can get my hands on.
Deciding if the Paleo Diet is for me. Its so hard to balance all the information that is out there on what we should and shouldn't be eating.
Wishing my husband and I could get away for a holiday. At this point it feels like we will never have a holiday again.
Enjoying having my two eldest boys back home. Although the circumstances of their return was unfavourable, for a mother to have her family back together under one roof is heartwarming.
Waiting for Autumn to arrive. I am quite over the heat of Summer.
Liking the new Soda Stream we bought. Sparkling water galore.
Wondering if we will get any days that we will be able to call Winter here in Nth QLD ?.
Loving that our wood floors are finally finished and I can now get on with choosing paint colours and painting our home.
Listening to Adele, the Dixie Chicks and more of our local MMM radio station than normal.
Buying bottled water  to get us through post Cyclone Debbie. Mackay is having trouble producing enough water for the town at the moment which is seeing us on strict restrictions.
Watching Big Little Lies. What a fabulous job they have done taking it from the pages of a book to the screen. I cant wait to purchase a copy and watch it all over again.
Hoping that the weight that I am loosing continues to drop off and stay off this time.
Cringing at the behaviour of Josh on MKR. I know it is most likely for ratings but I dont think that I am alone in saying it has all gone a bit too far.
Needing some time on my own. As much as I love having a large family, I dont think asking for a day of peace is too much trouble.
Questioning if I am doing enough. Always questioning my decisions and what I can do to improve things.
Smelling the mock orange blossoms through my front windows.
Wearing pyjamas for longer than I should be on the weekends.
Noticing how grown up my younger is all of a sudden and longing for the days when he was little.
Knowing that no matter how much I wish for my boys to stop growing up it will never happen. Why do the years have to fly by ?
Thinking of our holiday to Melbourne and wanting so badly to go back. Its been two years this August since we went.
Admiring how hard my husband has been working. He has always been a wonderful provider for our family. I must tell him more often.
Getting frustrated with one our dogs. Does anyone have any tips on stopping dogs digging ?.
Disliking the attitude of our back neighbours, it really makes living here awkward at times. : (
Opening the lid on a bottle of wine and having it last weeks in the fridge instead of days. I have been so good since committing myself to a healthier lifestyle.
Closing the door on all my bad eating habbits. I haven't felt this good in a long time.
Feeling so relieved that both of my boys have finally found new jobs.
Hearing about the Adele concert from so many and really wishing that I could have gone. Thank goodness for social media and all of you that posted voideos of the event.
Celebrating  two events in March. Our 23rd wedding anniversary and my youngest sons first event of grade 12. He had such an amazing time at Mocktail. He looked so grown up and handsome in his formal attire.

Pretending that my baby is not in his final year of school and thinking of going away next year to Brisbane for Uni.
Embracing life at the moment and all that it has to offer.

beck xx

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  1. Taking stock is always harder than you think isnt it? I do this every 9 posts for my Monday link up and I do find it takes time and consideration to come up with the answers from inside. I hope things settle down after the awful events of the past week (I cant believe it is only a week!) Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. It was very hard to come up with a Taking Stock post for the month of March. So its a very basic one this time.
      I know its crazy that it is only one week ago that the cyclone was here. Feels like a lifetime has passed.

  2. Congratulations on your 23rd wedding anniversary!


    1. Thank you :) feels like it was yesterday.

  3. I love me a good taking stock post! Yay you for taking all those healthy steps and happy anniversary! Hope you both enjoyed the loveness! I'm so pleased you all stayed safe and dry during Cyclone Debbie, here's hoping the town finds it's feet again soon. PS How good is the SodaStream?Here's to bubbles not troubles!

    1. I found this one a little difficult to write so I settled with basic.
      Thank you we had a lovely anniversary going out for dinner without the boys in toe.
      Cant believe its a week today since the cyclone, it feels much longer.
      And hooray for the soda stream. The new one is so stylish compared to old dinosaur we used to own.

  4. Happy Anniversary, and I must say, I'm enjoying spending more time in my pjs than normal, only problem is I'm finding it hard to get out of bed during the week. My alarm is getting a few snooze hits! Glad you guys are ok, it's been so wet here too, Im in Yamba, lets hope it clears soon. x

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are drying out after all the rain. It gets a little crazy around this time of year x



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