1 Apr 2017


2017 is THE year of getting my health and fitness back on track. In the past three years life got tough and I let myself go. There is no other way to put it. I crashed and burned with nobody else to blame but myself. So come January first this year I thought enough is enough, its time to become the me that I want to be for the rest of my days.

And guess what you guys....
March has been all kinds of awesome.

My water intake is through the roof. I have only had one or two zero cokes and a couple glasses of wine (during the cyclone, so I am not counting them) and man I am feeling SO much better. My skin is also feeling the benefits. The difference has been amazing. Huh...who would have thought !!!

My diet is also much better. I have not eaten bread in more than a month now, and my meal portions have more than halved.

I have LOST almost 7 kilos this month alone. So guess who is feeling pretty good : ) I know there are so many more kilos to go that will take many many months to achieve, but I am on the right track now and feeling all sorts of happy with myself.

If you have been following along you would know that I have been following this month by month chart that I found on Pinterest to help guide me to a better, healthier lifestyle. For March the goal was to get more sleep. To be honest this was really hard in the beginning. I am not a great sleeper, so I knew that this one was going to be hard to achieve. However as time passed I was able to start sleeping much better. I am going to assume that my new diet habits have everything to do with it.

April brings a new month and for me a new challenge to be met. So for this months small change I will be starting a food journal. Fingers crossed my weight loss continues and that I can also keep up with the changes made in January, February and March.

Are you making changes to your health and fitness this year ?
Have you had success so far, and if so what changes are you making ?

Have a fabulous April everyone

beck xx

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