30 Apr 2017

APRIL - Health and Fitness Update

April you wanted me to fail in a big way with my health and fitness challenge, and although I did indulge more than I intended too at Easter, I am still quite happy with where I am at.

Four months in and I am still going strong. If you have read any of my other health and fitness posts this year, you would know the journey that I embarked on in January is following this month to month challenge that I found on good old Pinterest in the hope to to become a more healthier happier me. My goal is to ultimately loose weight, but in a way that changes my bad habits into good ones that I can manage and make stick to recreate the me that I use to be.
I am pleased to say that I am still drinking mainly water with only the occasional sip of juice or soft drink. I will never be able to quit coffee  Breakfast is still a challenge for me, but I am eating it more than before, just not every day. Sleep. well lets just say that that is an ongoing drama, I want to be a good sleeper, who doesn't, but right now it seems like an impossible dream to conquer.

That brings us to April and the challenge to keep a food journal. Yeah um, it didn't happen. It started well one day only  and went down hill from there meaning it didn't happen again
I don't know what it was about this challenge that I couldn't make happen. Its not like it is a time consuming task, and it wasn't a difficult task either. I kept my notebook and pen handy with all the good intentions in the world. I just failed to keep it going. Its as simple as that.

So now it is time for May's challenge. Walking every day. This is one that I am looking forward to as with the cooler weather finally showing its face here in North QLD, it makes it easier to enjoy exercising outdoors. And with walking being my most favourite way to exercise, you can bet that this is a challenge I will be able to make happen without failure.

So how is your fitness challenge going this year ? Have you been able to stick to what you planned ?
Are you on the way to a healthier happier you ? Or are you one of the good people who are always committed ? I am jealous of you if you are : )

beck xx


  1. Oh I really like the idea of monthly fitness challenges! Not too late to begin I suppose!! A good long walk once a week was my plan for the year and it's probably eventuating once a fortnight. Enjoy that beautiful QLD weather. Starting to get very chilly in Melbourne xx

    1. Finally starting to cool down here, but nothing as cold as Melbourne. I dream of spending another Winter down there xx



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