17 Apr 2017


Easter passed quietly for us this year. There was no big fan fare or gathering of the tribes for a big Easter feast. Just each of us doing our own thing to relax and unwind before leaping back into the routine of work and school. It was good to just hang with the boys, watch a show on Netflix, do a bit of gardening, a bit of cooking and of course gobble down a chocolate egg or two.

On Good Friday we devoured delicious hot cross buns for lunch, and homemade fish and leek pie for dinner.
The weather was perfect and has finally turned. We had our first peak at Autumn which decided to show its face over the past few days. It has been welcomed with open arms.

With three out of four of our sons adults now the "Easter Bunny" no longer makes an appearance. Instead, placed in our kitchen is a large bowel filled with chocolate mini eggs and sugary sweet treats for the teenager who doesn't eat chocolate is he even my child? 

My parents came over on the afternoon of Easter Sunday, mum bringing with her, her traditional gooey chocolate cake slice for afternoon tea, and by the time they had left I for one was all over and done with chocolate.

I hope that each and every one of you had a beautiful Easter with your family and friends. That you all made yourselves sick with chocolate and celebrated the occasion with love, warmth and tradition. May you go fourth on the coming days remembering these past few and continue to show each other love and support and not just reserve it for these special occasions.

May we all live in peace and remember the real reason of Easter. HE LIVES.

beck xx

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