1 Mar 2017

TAKING STOCK - February 2017

Well there she goes. Another month done and dusted. If your like me, its like I blinked and February was gone in a flash. So with another month on the calendar gone, its time to Take Stock again just like PIP and share the up and downs of February 2017.

Making small changes within myself with the hope that sticking to them will be easier
Looking forward to celebrating my twenty third wedding anniversary next week
Cooking almost double to what had become the norm now that my eldest two boys have returned to the nest
Drinking more water. Well still trying to anyway. I just dont like the taste all that much
Reading another handful of books this past month. Currently reading Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult.
Trawling the internet for yummy healthy Chia Puddings. Yes another band wagon I want to jump on
Wanting to treat myself to my first ever professional pedicure, but thinking its a waste of good money. Surely there are other things more important then my toes.
Deciding if I need a few more indoor house plants
Wishing that I lived somewhere that would get a good decent Autumn and Winter
Enjoying the rain we have been having this last week of Summer
Waiting impatiently patiently to go away on a holiday. Its been two years since our last one
Liking having all my boys back home. It may not have happened under the best circumstances, but they are here and things so far are going really well
Wondering if we will ever be finished with renovating this darn house
Loving Mall Walking. It has been the perfect way to reintroduce my body to exercise
Listening to the laughter of my boys altogether and the funny conversations they have
Considering chopping my hair off again. Not completely short, but maybe into a bob. I'm not sure. What do you think ?
Buying more food than usual. Feeding six of us, five of which are men, isn't always easy on the pocket
Watching Shameless, Call The Midwife and Mad Men. Such a divierse collection of shows I know
Hoping that the coming electricity bill isn't going to bite to hard
Cringing at the continued humidity
Needing an airconditioner in the bedroom before next Summer
Questioning the people of our city that voted in George Christensen. Are you serious ?
Wearing shorts and cotton tees. Its way too hot for anything else
Noticing that my baby youngest son has grown another inch taller in the past month
Knowing that even though we are living in slightly cramped conditions, we are doing the best things for our boys by having them return home to live after both loosing their jobs. I am secretly chuffed by having all my chicks under my roof once again just quietly
Thinking of cooler days and nights that seem way to far in the future
Admiring women of all walks of life and what each and everyone of us can do and achieve
Getting way too obsessed with trashy TV
Disliking running the airconditioner so much
Opening bills. Rego, rates, electricity the list goes on
Closing the door on bad memories. Its time
Feeling good about the small changes I am making for a better, fitter, slimmer me
Hearing my son count down until he finishes grade twelve already gives me a shiver all over knowing that he is my last baby at school
Pretending I have a more exciting life. I think it is time to step out and live the life I dream of
Embracing the future and all that it may bring

And that is February in a nut shell. Fast, furious and gone in the blink of an eye.
March, you are next. Be kind, gentle and please take your time to pass.
Was February kind to you ?

beck xx

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