9 Mar 2017

ONE THING - Cleaning the oven

If you read BABYMAC and I'm sure that you do. You would know that Beth shares posts about her #onething . It is when you tackle something that is not on your everyday to-do list. It's something that you know you need to get done, but keep putting off.

I have many things on my #onething list for 2017 that I know will all get completed. Someday.

If there is one household job that I hate doing with a passion it's cleaning the oven. I'm fine with washing, ironing and folding for six. And cleaning bathrooms is no problem. However being the only female in the house cleaning the toilet comes a very close second. Why cant boys aim right ?

Having a large family (now all back home) you can imagine the workout my poor old oven gets. She is a fast, reliable old girl and without her my job wouldn't be so easy. But boy, she is a bugger to clean.
So this past week I finally reached my limit. I got down and dirty for my 'one thing' and got that girl looking brand spanking new.

Look how grubby I let her get. I am almost ashamed to post this before photo. Totally not acceptable.

She needed a good old soak and elbow grease, but with a little patience and a lot of scrubbing she started to take on the look of a brand new oven.

And would you look at that. All sparkling with more of the look of a bathroom mirror than as oven.

Do you play along with Beth's One Thing posts ?
Am I the only one who leaves the cleaning of their oven until smoke billows out ?

I always say that I will never leave it as long next time. But I know full well that I am kidding myself. Its quite the vicious cycle.

beck xx

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