3 Mar 2017


If you read my blog or follow along on Instagram. You know that this year I am trying to be a "better me". I need to loose quite a bit of weight which is my ultimate goal, but I am also trying to get myself into a better routine that will help me reach and keep that goal for the rest of my life.

I found this twelve month challenge on the ever wonderful Pinterst. It is helping me to make changes slowly, with the hope  that by doing this the changes will stick and become life long habits.
So far I have lost no weight, but then again I haven't gained any either thank goodness for the small things but I am not being deterred by this. I am going to ramp up my exercise and watch more closely to what I am putting in my mouth. This I know is the key to success so its time to put my money where my mouth is and stop wishing that I will loose weight without the effort.

January saw me following along with upping my water intake, ans although I am consuming more, I know that I can still do better.
February was making sure to eat breakfast every day. This one I knew would be hard for me. I have never been a breakfast eater. Even as a kid I only ever ate the occasional morning meal. But I gave it a good go and did really well. Overnight oats became my go to and I found that making them the night before while making school lunches was an easy and effective way for me to just grab and eat the next morning. All in all I think that I only missed a handful of breakfasts.This month I am going to give chia puddings a go.

March is the month for adding more sleep to my life. Does this mean I can nanna nap ? I don't know how this one will turn out, but I sure am going to do my best. Going to bed early is not my problem. Its putting my book down once I am there.

Are you taking steps this year to be a "better you "?
Is there any tips you could give me to ramp up the weight loss ?
Do you make chia puddings ?

beck xx

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