29 Mar 2016


You can almost guarantee that if something is going to go wrong it will happen while your husband is away. I've had my fair share of challenges over the years. Cyclone warnings, kids in hospital, leaky fish tanks and a car accident. All happening while my hubby was away for work. Lately we have had a good run as far as disasters go. I thought we had filled our quota and were due smooth sailing for a while.

I thought wrong...

Wednesday last week was about as normal and boring as a week day can be. Our evening progressed as normal, dinner, showers, TV.   I headed to bed to read and the teens stayed up which is the norm when school is out. I turned my light out around 11.30 ready for sleep knowing that come the next day hubby would be back in town and all would return to normal.

That was not meant to be...

Drifting in and out of sleep I thought I was dreaming when my boy burst into my room yelling that the kitchen was flooding. It took me a minute to realise that it was actually happening and I sprung into action.
The kitchen was indeed flooding. Water was pouring out from under the sink and it was hot. While one teen helped me to turn the water off to the house, the other teen was piling up towels to prevent the water from going any further into the house. It was a disaster.

It turns out that the steal hose from the hot water tap had blown a hole. It had been perishing for a while without us knowing, and decided to blow in the middle of the night. Typical huh !!

Thankfully our Insurance company Suncorp is covering us. I cant thank them enough for the speedy service they provided. By the next afternoon we were surrounded by large fans and dehumidifiers to dry everything out and to prevent mould. Our beautiful wooden floors have been pulled up and the kitchen cabinets have to be replaced along with the dish washer. It is going to be a big job, but yet again I am ever so thankful that we are fully covered.

It turns out that its common for these new fangle tap pipes to burst, so please check your pipes regularly so that this doesn't happen to you.

beck xx
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  1. Oh no. I am happy for the insurance but in the moment of the drama, it seems like a complete nightmare. And all while hubby was away. Argh.. #teamIBOT



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