9 Mar 2016

BOYS TO MEN - The fun & games of it all

Raising boys is not for the faint hearted, but it can be loads of fun. Being a mum of four sons has certainly had its challenges, but I wouldn't change it for all the tea in China.

Becoming a mother of boys changed me in ways I never could have imagined. I love being a "girly girl" and I didn't loose that by any means, but it certainly broadened my horizons.

In today's society, raising boys to be strong, independent young men is just as important as allowing them to be free to enjoy the experiences that being a boy is all about.

* Something that I have discovered from raising boys to men is that fart jokes are a never ending   source of amusement. I have never met a boy/man that wasn't drawn to crack a fart joke or two. I am still unsure as to what the attraction actually is, but I have learnt that if you laugh with them instead of berating them, you will save yourself from making things worse in the long run.

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  * Their toilet  use will always be a constant reminder of the difference between boys and girls. They leave the seat up all the time. Replacing the toilet roll is mission impossible, I am continually screaming like a banshee reminding them all to replace empty rolls. And don't even start me on wee dribble  ! Oh my goodness......
How on earth do they constantly miss aim with a hole that big ?

* They constantly need refuelling. As a mother of boys, I have had to become a slave to the kitchen. Where on earth do they put all that they eat ? shovelling it in mouths faster then I can cook.

* Pull it, stretch it, use it as a hose or a light saber, what boy child isn't obsessed with their willy ? You must be okay with nudity and pee contests when your a mother of boys. After a while it becomes the norm, and no matter what you call it, willy, doodle or pee pee just to name a few, you will have "many" conversations over the years that include this part of their anatomy.

* Another thing that really gets me ranting and raving annoyed, is once they become teenagers/young adults, is the amount of weekend mornings I wake to fine many bodies asleep all over my house. Bodies that have turned up after this mumma has entered snooze land. Bodies, cups, dishes and empty food packages Grrrrr irritating on one hand, but hey its also a time to be thankful that my kids are safe at home and not wondering the streets.

So you see, raising boys to men is far from boring. Not only does it come with a whole lot of responsibilities, but a whole lot of mischief and fun as well.
In the beginning I was completely overwhelmed with the hand that I was dealt on the mother front. Dirt, craziness, doodles and wee, I had no clue what on earth I was going to do with it all.

But you know what....

I have had the time of my life.

beck xx

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