20 Sept 2015


It's been a big month for me so far. I've been busy, that goes without saying, but personally I have had many a light bulb moment with how I perceive myself.
I've been on a tough journey weight wise for the past year and I've really struggled to accept myself for who I am and not what I look like. I've made myself physically sick at times wondering what people are saying, or thinking. Putting a lot of pressure on myself, hating myself, and believing me to be unworthy.

But that is slowly changing....

In recent times I found the beautiful Jenni Eyles blog, where she blogs about life and style while bringing tips to empower you in your every day life, for every day women. This gorgeous woman is inspirational. And if I could I would reach out and give her the biggest hug.

Sitting down one morning with a coffee and my phone, I found that Jenni had added me to her closed group BODY LOVING BABES on Facebook.
Instantly it peaked my interest, and boom, there is was, just when I needed it most. Women from all walks of life coming together to uplift each other, encourage each other and supporting of each other. Not everyone is curvy, not everyone is struggling with the same things in life, but that is okay, because thanks to Jenni, we are all sharing and getting to know each other and being there to uplift each other just like the sisterhood should.

So from me to you Jenni, thank you. Your blog and Facebook group have allowed me to see how badly I have been judging myself, that I will be able to overcome life's challenges with time and commitment, that I just need to believe in myself and take it one day at a time.

So please if you haven't already, do yourself  favour and pop on over to Styling Curvy and read about Jenni, and her incredible journey. I can guarantee that she will inspire you just like she has inspired me, and I promise that you will visit her blog more than once : )

beck xx


  1. Thanks for that - I found something similar last week called Body Image Movement - I haven't done anything with it but I did have a quick look at it and want to find out HOW to love and accept my body as it is. Will definitely check out Jenni's blog. Thank you so much for sharing !
    Have the best week ! xox

    1. Your very welcome : ) you have a great week too x



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