3 Sept 2015


If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you would know that hubby and I have been away for the past three weeks. It was absolute bliss, but now we are back, slowly adjusting to the home routine, which is not as exciting as sleep ins, lazy lunches and discovering a new city. In fact four days after returning to our mad house, it's like our adventure is a distant memory.

The teens did really well on their own, better than I initially expected (previous times I have been greeted with a not so orderly home) but credit where credit is due, they deserved a big pat on the back and their favourite meal cooked for them too show my appreciation, they of course got a few souvenirs and lots of hugs and kisses, I missed them, and was happy to find that they missed me to.

The one thing that has kept me busier than a bee since our return is the washing, folding and ironing. Seriously.....mount washmore nearly broke me, I'm slowly getting to the end, and clean undies and sheets are ours to enjoy once more YIPPEE

Our first full weekend home, before hubby returns to work, will be spent tackling the yards and gardens. Boy, are they a mess. But that's what happens when you go away for extended periods of time. In no time at all the gardens will be thriving and the grass green and mowed once more. Well that is the hope anyway :)

I'm slowly getting all our photos in order, and remembering all the smallest details of our trip away so that I can share our adventure with you.
For now though, mount washmore is still calling my name, people keep demanding to be fed and appointments must be attended.
So in the meantime, enjoy the beginnings of Spring, and spare a thought for those of us in North Queensland that have just about seen the end of it before it has barely had the chance to begin.

beck xx

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