19 Nov 2014


I had peanut butter on toast this morning, my go to breakfast when I'm feeling crap. There is just something comforting in all that goo.

I failed as a parent. It's not the first time believe me, and it most certainly wont be the last, but this morning the chips were down and there was an overall  feeling of gloom that settled in and made me look at myself as even more of a failure then usual at this parenting teens gig.
This morning I gave in to my teens and let them stay home from school. The fight was just more than I could deal with. I just didn't have the strength for the fight.

I tried, and when I still couldn't get them to budge, I let it all get the better of me.

Teens 1 Mum 0

They know they won, I can tell by the gleam in their eyes, that knowing smirk. They knew that today was the day to pick a fight.  It seems they could sense my strength of character before I had even finished my first coffee of the day.

Teens are cluey little buggers, they know just when you are on the verge of going down in a screaming heap and they strike, like a snake hiding in the bush that you come across unawares.

As I sit here venting, and downing my third cup of coffee so not good  it's like they are mocking me, cheering and gloating "we won" they're not of course, well not out loud anyway.

They will want to tread carefully today, because I will be taking notes, I will regain my strength, and that is when this mother will turn the tables and strike back !

beck xx


  1. Be kind to yourself - when they gang up on a parent it's very hard to come out the winner !!!!
    Lotsa hugs for you xox

    1. Thank you, it's hard to deal with sometimes. Today is one of those days xx



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