21 Mar 2014

Letting Go

My heart is swimming in a river of emotion at the moment. My first born is preparing to leave the nest, next week to be exact. I have known for a while that it was coming, but even so, nothing can really prepare you for the day that your first born comes to you and says Mum, I'm moving out.

As I am writing, there is loud music coming from my sons room, this has always been a source of comfort to me. Depending on the type of music he is listening to, I can usually predict the kind of mood he is in. Call it mothers intuition......

I keep telling myself that this is what I have been preparing him throughout his life for, to be independent, to have a life full of happiness and adventure. That the last thing I wanted was for any of my kids to be sitting on my couch at age thirty watching the news with a TV dinner on their laps.
Right now I feel that maybe a few more weeks or months to get more use to the idea would be good, but somehow in reality I don't think that would help.

I am going to miss him like crazy.

I have so many memories held in my heart. We have walked this life together for twenty years, hand in hand. Where has the time gone ? To be truthful, I really don't know. It seems only yesterday that I held you in my arms for the very first time vowing to love, cherish and support you for as long as life would allow.

Things will certainly feel strange around here when you move next week, even though you are not moving very far away, there will still be a certain emptiness in our family that will take some getting use to.

Your three brothers are currently scheming and planning a room take over. Your younger two brothers are excited that for the first time ever, they will have rooms of their own, but deep down I know just how much they are all going to miss you. For their entire lives you have been there, just down the hall from them, a big brother that they all adore and trust with their whole hearts.  They sure are going to feel your absence. Don't be surprised if they bombard you with texts and calls for the first few weeks :)

It has been hard watching you pack up your belongings, but I have faith that you will succeed out on your own. You are a responsible, hard working young man and we are so very proud of all that you have accomplished.
Just remember we are always here for you.......

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Have a fabulous weekend everyone !


  1. Awww! So sad! It all goes too fast doesn't it? I hope you settle into a new kind of normal very quickly.

  2. What a lovely story. Both of my girls moved out to go to university and I was a complete wreck. I felt so empty inside even though I knew it was their time to move on and experience all of life's experiences. One of my daughter's moved back home after 4 years of being away and I now miss "my time". Funny how life goes ~

  3. I forgot to say my anonymous name :) Cdn Gayle

  4. Hugs Beck during this transition time. You are such an awesome Mother he won't forget you and watch out, he might be back! :-)

  5. Opposite ends of the parenting spectrum... and there are so many emotional similarities. Oh Beck. I don't even want to think about the possibility... X

  6. He'll be back for dinner! Somehow this year I only have only two of mine living with me and they're always out anyway. The other three have moved across town to live with their dad because it's more convenient to get to work. I dreaded the whole moving out thing but I think it's actually not bad at all. They come over for dinner and I'm always getting text messages requesting particular recipes from them. Things like "How long do I boil spaghetti for?".

  7. Oh lovely, I can't imagine those feelings and I dread them... the thought of not having pieces of my heart and soul (my children) under my own roof every night is scary. Sending you strength and I'm sure when things turn to custard he'll be back for a mummy cuddle. xx

  8. Aww Beck. I cant imagine what it will be like when my girls leave our nest. Thankfully it wont be for a long time because they are only 3 and 1 but this post is a good reminder how fast the years really fly!

  9. It's a hard thing to fathom isn't it. Your whole purpose becomes raising your kids and keeping them safe and then one day they grow up and we have to let go. My boys are 21 and still at home. Somehow I think it will be awhile before they leave - since they are still at Uni and poor! I think it's a good thing (even though its hard for us!) when they move out. It's the way they learn about independance and its when they start to really appreciate everything we have done for them :-) Good luck to you and him for next week! xo



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