19 Mar 2014

A Sucker For Succulents

I love gardens, plants, and pretty flowers. But I have this habit of not being able to successfully keep them indoors for very long without killing them.
Indoor plants bring love and warmth to a home, on and off over the years I have potted a few and tried to bring that warmth into my own home, but alas it was a lot of work for nothing.
I am death to all house plants, the green leaf grim reaper !

That is until recently.

It seems that I have finally found a plant that will work for me, a plant that I am sure I will be able to keep alive without much fuss.

The succulent

Succulents are some of the most rewarding plants for indoors, or so I'm told anyway. They are tough, a good requirement if they are to survive me. Beautiful, and interesting. And can grow just about anywhere.

So I am giving it a whirl and adding warmth to my home with a few simple lets not get carried away  indoor succulent terrariums. They were very easy to make, and since I already had a few glass containers that were perfect in size, quite cheap to make as well.

For starters, you will need to get some potting mix suitable for succulents and cacti. Small rocks or pebbles. A bag of sphagnum moss. And your choice of container to display your succulents in. And of course some succulents.

Here's how I out together my simple, yet charming displays

Place a 2 inch layer of gravel, stones or pebbles on the bottom of the container
this provides drainage

Next place a layer of cactus mix soil

Remove chosen plants form their pots shaking excess soil from the roots
place plant in soil in the position you have chosen

Top with a layer of sphagnum moss or sand

Care tips 
Place your terrarium so that it gets direct sunlight
for at least five hours a day

Water the terrarium every two weeks

After watering there should not be more than 2 inches of water visible 
in the gravel at the bottom

Fertilize in Summer only

Hopefully if I follow these direction and not forget the plants completely I will have thriving succulents that will last much longer than that of my past poor indoor plants {may they RIP} and I will be able to chalk up another success for myself .......

Here's hoping 
beck xx

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