17 Mar 2014

DIY Cushion Love

Who doesn't love cushions ?
I think a couch covered in beautiful, stylish cushions brings colour and warmth to your home. But I must confess..........Up until now my lounge has been pretty naked !
I have had cushions over the years, but my boys have always used them as flying sauces, or as a tool for bashing each other (this still occurs) but I have had enough of seeing my couch in all its naked glory, its time to brighten the place up a bit.

I decided instead of spending hours searching for the 'right' cushions at the store, that I would pull the crafty card and make my own. This is still a work progress but today I am sharing how I made my 'quilted strip cushion', from start to finish

I already had quite a lot of 'scrap' material  I'm a fabric hoarder I like to have fabric on hand just in case I get the 'crafty itch'

What you need 

              * Different coloured/patterned material
                 I chose six different materials, but you could use however many you like 

              * A piece of calico to back your fabric strips in the size of your choosing
                 The size I chose for my cushion 42cm x 42cm
               *Backing fabric of your choosing to form the back of your cushion

How to create

Cut your chosen fabric into strips about 4cm wide and about 3cm longer in length than your backing fabric. Make sure you cut enough strips to cover the entire backing fabric.

Fold the strips in half and iron each strip to form a sharp crease. Once done, lay your strips out on the bench, and decide the order that you wish your colours to form.

Take the first strip and sew onto the calico, repeating with each strip, overlapping them to form the quilted pattern. Shown below :

Pin the quilted piece and chosen backing fabric together right sides facing each other and sew three of the sides together sewing in a zipper on the fourth side, then turn the fabric out so that you can see the finished product.

Stuff your cushion and TA DA !
You have made yourself a Quilted strip cushion :)

Happy sewing
beck xx

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