23 Aug 2013

Flashback Friday - 1991

Glancing through our local paper this week, I saw a photograph that was taken at one of the local High Schools Debutante Balls. The girls looked beautiful in their white gowns standing along side their handsome partners, such a far cry from their usual school uniforms and pig tails.

It immediately took me back to 1991 when I, as a 16 year old grade eleven student and made my own Debut. 

I felt like a princess dressed in my flowing white dress, my handsome boyfriend (now my husband) on my arm twirling me around the dance floor along side many of our friends while our families watched from their seats. In all reality when I look back now it almost seemed like an early rehearsal for our wedding day.

I have been so lucky to have celebrated so many of the big moments in my life with the same partner, we have shared many special occasions together, and when I made my debut it was the first of many, with many more wonderful times still to come.........

Linking up with the lovely Cathy for another Flashback Friday xx


  1. Oh wow, how lovely that you made your debut with your future husband! Very much a rehearsal for your wedding and even more memorable. Thanks for linking up x

  2. How sweet you both look. What a precious and great memory.

  3. You have just taken me back down memory lane of my own debut. You don't hear of them happening much nowadays.



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