28 Aug 2013

Accordion Wheel Photo Frame

I've been getting my craft on again, its about time really as not only did I have writers block, which alone was frustrating enough, but to loose my craft mojo was something new !!

So here is what I have been busy creating, an Accordion Wheel Photo Frame, and I am quite delighted with how it turned out........

Begin by cutting 2 strips of scrapbook paper. I cut them 2 inches wide and the full length of the paper

Lightly score the paper down and across in 1cm squares. This helps when folding the wheel

Fold each strip of paper along the scored lines

Join the ends together, I used a hot glue gun as it has a very strong hold

Push the wheel together and hold firmly

Glue a square of paper to the back to keep the wheel together

Wheel complete

I chose a 13cm x 18cm shadow box frame 

And after arranging and hot gluing the wheels in place,
this is the finished product.

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