31 May 2017

MAY - Health and Fitness Update

Unfortunately May was not a good month as far as my health and fitness goes. I kind of fell off the wagon so to speak, things had been going so well too.

This month I had the best of intentions to walk everyday as was the task for May. I failed miserably. I got so caught up in giving my home a much needed clean from top to bottom that I let my walking slide and only went for a walk on the odd occasion.

It wasn't just this months challenge that I failed on either. My sleep pattern was shocking which led to poor food choices multiple times, I drank one to many coke zeros and not enough water, and I downed one to many glasses of wine which I had all but stopped drinking except on the odd occasion. All this made me feel quite sluggish and ashamed of myself since I had been doing so well.

The only up side was my weight didn't go up, how I don't know but for that I am very grateful.

June is the month of eating more fruit and vegetables. This one shouldn't be a problem at all as I enjoy eating quite a variety of both. I also want to make amends for May and make more of an effort to walk everyday, even if it is only around the block.

So as of tomorrow we are six months into the year. how did that happen ? It is quite frightening how fast the months are passing by. I guess on the scale of things I haven't done to badly with my health and fitness goals for 2017. I knew when I started that it was going to take more than a year to undo all the damage that I have done to myself, and although I wish that the weight would drop of at a much faster pace, I know that essentially I am on the right track and for that I am learning  to be proud on myself and not beat myself up instead.

How are your health goals for the year going ?
Are you still on track or like me taken a wee step backwards ? I hope that if you have fallen slightly off the path that you haven't given up but kept on having faith in yourself and your ability to succeed no matter how long it takes.

beck xx

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