7 Feb 2016


Life is complicated. Family and work commitments, the everyday running of your home and all those extra mind boggling things that crop up usually at the most inappropriate times. I love the life we lead, but I'm tired of the juggling act.

I am not one to make new year resolutions. I have done in the past, but lets be honest, after a week or two who sticks to the resolutions made ? Not me !
This year though, I came to the conclusion that our life needed to be simplified, that we needed to get rid of the things that cluttered and made our life just that little bit overwhelming.

When my sons moved out recently, I really started to notice how much 'stuff'' we had accumulated. Stuff that was no longer used, or just kept around with the mind set that maybe one day we will use it again. Ridiculous.

I began by allocating one day of the week to a particular room. Washing curtains, walls and ceiling fans. Emptying every cupboard and  every draw. Sifting and sorting every last piece big or small deciding their worth and contribution to our life. Some things were harder to let go of then others, but with the determination of someone who has a goal in mind I pushed through knowing that I was on the way to a more simple life.

"The Big Cull" yes it has its own name, is only the first stage of what I hope to achieve. Making a more simplified life for my family is more then just halving what we own. Its about taking charge of things, not letting things take charge of us. I am going back to meal planning as apposed to sorting meals on the fly, and basic organistaion that has been missing around here for a while. I have been reading blogs of those who are super organised and are willing to share their secrets, I have been totally inspired.

For so long now we have been caught up in what "should" be done compared to what we "should" be doing. Enjoying life, taking time to see the beauty that surrounds us and spending time just being. For me personally this is going to be a huge challenge, letting go of myself and what I perceive that I should be doing as a wife and mother. It is time to take back life as we use to know it.


  1. Oh hun - we are SO on the same page. I too and trying to simplify life - cull all our stuff and make more time. Damn I wish we could catch up for a coffee and a gasbag and trade ideas xx

    1. Would love to live closer to you my sweet friend. I will hold you to that coffee one day xx



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