29 Apr 2015


How can you not love these faces ?
Two big sweet fur balls, eyes pleading for love.
And they are loved very much, they are a part of our family. But they have become a BIG problem and it's causing much stress and upset within our household.

Our back neighbour, who is well known around here for being a complaining cranky old ma
n, is spewing hate over my back fence about our dogs barking.

You see, our home is situated next to a pathway that is very well used, both in the mornings and afternoons by walkers and school children. Our dogs bark when the path is in use, I have never disputed that. But we never let them bark continuously. In fact we have tried quite a few things to stop them barking. Bark collars, they did not work. We have tried to keep them away from the fence which is not an easy feat resulting in us having to chain them (never harm them) to keep them from being abused by this neighbour. We are now in the process of double paling our fences in the hope that this will help.

It has now gotten that way, that when our black and white beauty now gets a glimpse of this said man, he barks and growls uncontrollably, playing right into his greasy UN-neighbourly hands. This now forces me to bring our horse dog inside for his own protection.

I get that a continuous barking dog is annoying, especially when nothing is done about it. But we ARE being responsible, we ARE doing all that we can.

I love these furry beasts and don't want to see any harm come to them, but I'm at my whits end with what to do next.
We have tried talking to said neighbour but he just screams abuse and is unwilling to wait until our fences are finished. He is now threatening action against us.

We have not received any other complaints from our other neighbours, just this one that seems to have a different problem for everyone of our surrounding home owners.

The best possible outcome for all in our area would be for him to pack up and move, but how likely would that be : (

beck xx

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