20 Apr 2015

MONDAY MUNCHIES - Overnight Oats


I'm a little late to this party, but better late then never I guess. Now that I have discovered the delight, there is no looking back....
I can't believe I hung around in the background reading recipes and thinking I would one day give them a whirl.
In just one jar, I was converted.


*60 grams of wholegrain quick oats
*200 grams of low fat Greek yogurt
*1/4 cup skim milk
*Fruit of your choice

Layer the oats, yogurt and fruit in a jar or bowl. Pour the milk on top and end with a layer of yogurt and fruit.

Cover tightly and put in the fridge over night.

In the morning, stir well so that all the layers are mixed together.

This amount of ingredients is enough for two breakfasts for me. I am now completely addicted and look forward to playing around with more flavours.

beck xx

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