28 Feb 2014

A New Fur Baby

We have recently adopted.......

Last week we welcomed a brand new little girl to our family. She is darling and a perfect fit. She can be boisterous and sometimes quite shy. And she has a very sweet nature. We have all fallen head over heels in love with her, and she has been lapping up all the attention.

We named her name Mya, which when searching Google (gotta love Google) means "great ; Mother". 
Mya has settled in well and is getting along just fine with her new family. I think we picked rather well.

Mya is our brand new, fur baby !

We rescued Mya from our local pound, chose her to be a new family member and a friend for our other gorgeous pooch Shadow. 
They are a match made in heaven and so far have given us hours of laughter. Its like watching an episode of Wrestle Mania !

We are now a family of six humans, two fur babies and eight feathered friends, we do not intend to be adding anymore to this rather large family of ours, but you never know, as we have a lot of love to share !

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  1. She is sooooooooooo cute !!!! We have two dogs and they also provide lots of entertainment and laughs for us.
    Have the best weekend celebrating your good news !

    1. She is kind of cute isn't she. It has been a long time since we have had two, you forget how much fun they are.
      Hope you have a great weekend to my sweet friend, and thank you for all your support xxx

  2. Aww so cute, I can't wait til our kids are older and we can get a fur baby, but not for a LONG time, still too many of my own babies to clean up after! x

  3. Ohhhhh Mya - I think you are soooo adorable. It makes such a difference having the two to keep each other company doesn't it. She is seriously so cute xx



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