7 Jun 2013

Flashback Friday - My 18th

I have been missing from link ups lately, not because I have been so over the top busy  (well maybe that is true to some extent)  but mostly because my brain has been complete mush and incapable of functioning :(
So today I am making a concerted effort to drag myself back to life and join in with all the fun that I have been missing out on..........

This week for Flashback Friday I am sharing photos from my 18th birthday party/engagement. It was a wonderful night spent with close family and friends, and it's a memory that will always bring happy thoughts and laughter.

Happy thoughts for the milestone birthday and engagement to my wonderful man.
Laughter as I look painfully back on the "poodle" hairstyle and "crazy" purple jacket, that when I look back on now ruined quite a pretty dress.

Have a great laugh with me !

Oh boy ! What was I thinking ?

Poodle hair 

With my parents

Happily engaged at last

There is no possible excuse for the hair and that awful jacket, my only defence is that it was 1992...........
Now if only I were still that thin LOL

Linking up with the gorgeous Cathy for Flashback Friday :)


  1. Oh, that was a great flashback! Those were the times, and you were very "on trend". We all have embarrassing photos like these!

  2. Ha ha, I posted about my 21st which was also in 1992 and I also had a terrible perm. So you weren't the only one. I guess it just proves that it was actually fashionable back then, as dated as it seems now.

    Funnily enough I also had very similar shoes,though you can't see them in my photo. They may even have been exactly the same.

    Great photos,you look really happy. xo

  3. Wow, what a huge night for you! Must bring back lots of happy memories, even if you do cringe at the hair and jacket :) At the time, you would have been on trend!



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