24 Nov 2015


Last week was a huge week. I put blogging on hold while I tackled it one day at a time, both physically and emotionally. I know it sounds all melodramatic, and some may even think me pathetic, but do you ever really stop and think where your life has gone ? How the ticking of a clock is counting down your life in moments ? Like you were there, but now your here and your unsure exactly how this came to be.

I had a few moments like that last week, moments that hit hard. You never realise as a young child just how fast life will pass you by. It only seems like yesterday I was there, that small child at the beginning of life with a path to discover laid out before me, and now I am here, feeling as though I have been rushed through life in the blink of an eye. Just yesterday, or so it seems, I was there, holding my first tiny bundle of joy in my arms, and now I am here, a mother to three graduates and another who in the new year will commence his final two years at school.

How did I get here ?

It hit home really hard on Friday as watched my third son make his way through the farewell arch at the Valedictorian Parade, the final hooray to the class of 2015.

I cried.
Tears of happiness that my cheeky monkey had graduated after years of hard work, and tears of sadness for time passed too quick. It is hard to fathom where the years actually go.

You stood proud my boy, tall and strong. A young man at the beginning of his life, with a path ahead of you just waiting to be discovered. It was both a proud moment for me, and a bittersweet one as I watched you take this moment all in your stride. It is a moment that I will cherish, just like all those other memories that I have tucked away.

I was there... to hold and comfort you for your very first cry.
I was there... for your first smile and your first steps.
I was there... when you first started school.
I was there... when you left.

And no matter what, I will always be there for you whenever you need me.

 I am ever so proud of you Isaac, you have the ability to be whoever and whatever your heart desires. You are strong, dependable and your path to the future looks so bright.

I am so glad that I was there to share this moment with you.

Mum xx

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beck xx

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