12 Nov 2015


We have been busy around here this past week. With a graduation coming up, exams and a new school based trainee-ship beginning, we have all been in quite a spin. Add to that hubby working away and my yearly gig volunteering with the Salvation Army and their Christmas drive for those who are in need of a little help at this time of year, its rare for us to put our feet up and relax. Dinners have been rushed and basic, the house is in need of a little TLC and the washing is being done during the night time rush. But when we do get the chance to sit and relax for five minutes, I like to be surrounded by my favourite things. Flowers, candles, books and an ice cold beverage. The teens lock themselves in their bedrooms watching movies in a darkened room, reading books or playing the dreaded games machines, all the while with the cats sitting patiently on the bed watching their antics with much interest snoring their heads off in boredom. So nothing new there.

This week I have noticed that.....

My Gardenia has bloomed for the very first time. The flowers are gorgeous and the perfume is exceptional. Its the first time I have had success growing a Gardenia and I couldn't be happier. Every chance I get I stop to smell and admire the flowers.

We have been suit shopping for my sons graduation. Watching him trying on the different styles was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Its funny, when my older two boys graduated I was teary and emotional, but as we are preparing to watch our third son graduate and our baby begin his final two years of high school, it has occurred to me that this is finally it. We are on the last legs of parenting children and I am so not sure how I am feeling about this. Looking at my sons, I am constantly wondering where time went, how did we get here so quickly ? and what am I going to do with myself when all my chicks have flown their nest ?
I am not ready.....

I did manage to find the time to whip up my Nan's Condensed Milk Cake this week for school and work lunches. I hadn't made it in a long time and it took me back to my childhood when Nan use to make it for afternoon tea. You can see the recipe HERE

So in a nut shell, I have been flat out and not very blog worthy this week. My goal for this week is to be more organised. I know, even I am laughing out loud with this statement. Its just this time of year isn't it. Busy busy busy.

beck xx

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