5 Jun 2015


I know I'm five days late, but....

Hello June and welcome Winter.
I'm SO freakin' excited, I don't think there has EVER been a time in my life when I have been so happy to kiss goodbye to Summer heat and welcome in the Winter chill.

For those of you who know me, or read my ramblings. You would know that I live in North QLD, and your probably thinking right now that I've gone nuts when I mention "Winter chill" knowing where I live. But honest truth, hand on my heart it does get cold up here, mostly in the early mornings and nights, leaving the days to shine in absolute perfection.

The fans got a good clean today, it's time to turn them off and wipe away the remains of Summer. It felt good knowing their job was over for a few months.

So it's the sixth month of the year already !
Can you believe it ?

I saw a post on my Facebook feed the other day where someone has already started the countdown to Spring. Are you kidding me ?  I want to slow time down, not wish it away.

Pretty Little Liars returned for its sixth season last night....
I'm hooked.
I never had any intentions of watching this show, but watching one episode turned me into a huge fan. So huge a fan that I now own all the previous seasons on DVD and record the new ones so I don't miss any.

I'm a tragic.

I hope the first week of Winter has been kind to you all, and those of you who live where fog fills your mornings, and frost tickles your toes keep those Instagram photos coming, for as I sit with my morning cuppa, catching up with you all, I dream for the days of snow and ice that we left behind all those years ago.

beck xx

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